GOTO Aarhus 2023

Monday May 22
13:50 –

Shaping The Future of Developer Productivity with Backstage


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The CNCF Landscape offers an incredible and diverse ecosystem of frameworks, technologies, and platforms. Your teams have their own implementations of these technologies. Onboarding new developers is super confusing, and docs are scattered around the place.

In short: chaos and fragmentation in dozens of different tools. The solution to this might be… another portal?
Backstage, an open source platform you can use to build your own developer portal. It is highly customisable and adopted by companies like Unity, Netflix, American Airlines, and Epic Games. Lee will share the lessons learned and latest tips from the hundreds of Backstage adopters and thousands of contributors.
Lee will dig into core features such as the Software Catalog and software templates that are changing the way users interact and manage their ecosystem.