GOTO Aarhus 2021

Thursday Jun 10
13:30 –
Trifork Hall

The Mario Kart™ guide to building a career


Mario Kart™ teaches us a lot of things: how to take shortcuts, how to stab your friends in the back, and most of all: how to get to the front of the pack. But have you ever stopped to wonder what lessons you can learn from it when it comes to planning for your own success? Personally, I've had to overcome some obstacles to get to where I am today. And the things I have learned for myself, I have also applied as a coach at Axxes, where I have been involved in a lot of careers besides my own. Seeing other people grow has always been a key motivator for me in my role.

A sure-fire road to success might not exist, but there are numerous lessons I've learned from doing this over the years. Those tips have been helpful to a lot of people, and I'll gladly share them with you.

In this session, I'll dive into building a career head-first. We'll use Mario Kart™ as a guideline and there will be anecdotes from my personal experience as a developer, a consultant and a coach. You'll walk away with some new ideas on how to handle your own career.