GOTO Aarhus 2021

Thursday Jun 10
13:30 –
Sailing Center 1

Abzu’s Pioneering Technology, the QLattice®, Introduces A New Standard of Interpretability to Artificial Intelligence


The idea for this revolutionary new artificial intelligence had been brewing in Casper’s head for nearly 30 years, until he founded Abzu with an international team of seven equally brilliant and quirky humans. In this presentation, Casper will explain the core technology of the QLattice, which was inspired by physicist Richard Feynman’s work on path integrals. He’ll demonstrate the power of searching through, in theory, an infinite number of possible models to find the best fit and reveal the simple mathematical equation that is the solution to your problem.

Casper will be using Abzu’s Python library Feyn® in a Jupyter notebook to explore a synthesized dataset with real-world application.