GOTO Aarhus 2024

Monday May 27
17:00 –

Agile Games Night - When adults play together in a serious manner

Agile Games Night™ is an event series that brings us together to explore current and "hot" topics, as well as subjects that are consistently relevant to engage with. If a topic seems intriguing and we can gain insights together, nothing is too big or too small to be included on the agenda.

As the backdrop for Agile Games Night, there is a deep commitment to understanding how to create great workplaces, drawing inspiration from the agile toolbox. If you share this interest, participating in Agile Games Night™ will feel like a fish in water.

The concept is simple. We gather, explore, learn, network, and have fun (in a serious manner) along the way. All events consist of a blend of theory and hands-on activities. We often leave with charged enthusiasm and new ideas that can be implemented the very next day in our organization and teams.

NB! This event is an open event for everybody to attend. It requires separate registration - first come, first serve. Link will be provided shortly.