Scrum Patterns with Jim Coplien
GOTO Aarhus 2024

Scrum Patterns with Jim Coplien

Tuesday May 28
09:00 –
5,000.00 DKK

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Over 40% of certified Scrum folks misunderstand its most rudimentary basics? Why? We don’t know, but certification training isn’t enough of a foundation to understand Scrum, and certainly not to understand how to roll it out in an organization.

This masterclass introduces Scrum Patterns: bite-sized units of Scrum understanding assembled by the world’s top Scrum leaders over a nine-year effort. Not only do they explain the what of Scrum, but go deep into the why of each Scrum component. The patterns also offer in-depth advice of how to link patterns together and how to introduce them into a development shop. It’s an opportunity to see Scrum in a whole new way without the hype and certification glitz, and to appreciate in a very practical sense how you can make it work for you.