Unifying user stories, use cases, story maps
GOTO Aarhus 2024

Unifying user stories, use cases, story maps

Tuesday May 28
09:00 –
5,000.00 DKK

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People make the same mistakes with user stories and story maps as with use cases. Seven core concepts them all work so you can use the strengths of each and move across them at will.

In this 1-day summary of a complicated topic, learn from the world’s leading expert on the subject. With small lectures and many drills, Dr. Cockburn shows how to create clear user stories and use cases, how to cut user stories, how to construct a clear story map, and finally, three ways to work with your choice of user stories, story maps and/or use cases.

Once the basic skills are learned, all of these techniques become just your choice of tool, as should be.

Level: Beginner and Intermediate.

Who Should Attend: People unsatisfied with the way their business requests are being handled, or curious about other techniques. This class is suited for business people interacting with their dev team, product managers, product owners, or tech leads and programmers.

Course Goal for Attendees:


  • The importance of verbs, time durations, how to decompose verbs.
  • Why - and how - to decompose everything, not just the verbs.
  • How to write from the user’s perspective.
  • How to write a good user story and slice it for incremental development.
  • How to write a simple use case and map it to user stories.
  • How to decompose a use case for fine-grained incremental development.
  • How to make a story map.
  • How to work with both story maps and use cases to get the benefits of each.