Sam Aaron
Speaker at GOTO Aarhus 2023

Talks at GOTO Aarhus 2023

Dr Sam Aaron is the creator of Sonic Pi, an internationally renowned live coding performer, public speaker and science communicator. Sam has a PhD in Computer Science and held a research position at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory where he initially developed Sonic Pi. He is a coder, and a musician on the side, but does all of that work - to change the world.

Sam regularly engages audiences of all ages and backgrounds with the creativity of code by delivering keynotes, workshops and performances.The Rolling Stone magazine described Sam as ‘transcending the present’.

Sam believes in changing the way Computer Science is perceived by future generations. He showcases it to be a form of creative expression, which is why he made the tool Sonic Pi. He envisions his work to reach out to corners of the world to children, teenagers, and learners can connect to his vision of learning coding in schools and make a difference in the future.

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