Jonas Vinther
Speaker at GOTO Aarhus 2023

Jonas Vinther is a software developer, engineer and tech expert. He did his expertise and specialization in Kubernetes and started working as a platfrom Engineer at Trifork, and now at Lunar. He is also active in the DevOps community where he is part of the organizer teams at DevOpsDays Denmark and the Aarhus DevOps meetup group.

Besides loving Kubernetes, being CKA certified and everything that goes with it, Jonas also has a secret interest in HashiCorp Nomad. Rumor has it that he's the only person in Denmark who has chosen to run Nomad over Kubernetes in his Homelab.

Jonas is conducting masterclasses on Platform Engineering Fundamentals, where he talks widely about Kubernetes and other tech topics, highlighting their history, outcomes, and solutions while working. This masterclass includes hands-on exercises, and is not just sit and listen. This is how he is making an exceptional mark in the tech industry with his knowledge.