Holly Cummins
Red Hat
Speaker at GOTO Aarhus 2023

  • The author of 97 Things Every Cloud Engineer Should Know
  • Used the power of cloud to help a blind athlete run ultra-marathons in the desert solo

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Holly Cummins is a Senior Principal Software Engineer on the Red Hat Quarkus team. Before joining Red Hat, Holly was a long time IBMer. In her time at IBM, Holly has been a full-stack javascript developer, a WebSphere Liberty build architect, a client-facing consultant, a JVM performance engineer, and an innovation leader. During her time in the IBM Garage, Holly led projects for enormous banks, tiny startups, and everything in between.

Some of her interesting work has been her narrative on “People, Planet and Clouds”, where she integrates how engineers/the cloud or the energy they use up, can impact climate change!

Another example was to contribute in working with a technology that helped a blind man run a marathon in the desert. These are world problems that should be handled, managed, and worked for, and she uses her advanced technological skills to impact them. Holly is also an author and regular keynote speaker. You can find her books here

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