Next-Generation Cloud Native Apps with Spring Boot 3
GOTO Aarhus 2023

Tuesday May 23
10:50 –

Next-Generation Cloud Native Apps with Spring Boot 3


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The recent release of Spring Boot 3 laid the foundation for the next generation of modern Java applications. This session will highlight what’s new, and demonstrate hands-on patterns and techniques for cloud native development.

Support for generating native executables with GraalVM is now part of the core framework, making it straightforward to build efficient applications with instant startup time and reduced memory consumption. The new Java 17 baseline and support for Jakarta EE 10 unlock many new features and integrations.

Observability is now a core tenet of the Spring ecosystem, with monitoring and tracing built into each Spring module and powered by Micrometer and OpenTelemetry. Finally, developer experience gets a significant boost with the new development services based on Docker Compose and Testcontainers.