GOTO Aarhus 2022

Wednesday Jun 15
11:50 –
Anker 1

Scalable SQL Databases


NewSQL - scalable relational databases NoSQL was a reaction against the scalability issues with regular SQL relational databases such as MySQL and Postgres. They scaled out well and were easy to operate but were lacking many of the features developers have relied on for decades such as ACID transactions, global indexes and complex queries with joins and aggregations. While many NoSQL vendors have started addressing these issues there is also a new breed of databases that offers both scalability and many of the missing features from SQL databases. This talk will dig into what these databases can offer and what the trade offs are. When you should use them and when you probably should not. We will go through some of the most popular NewSQL databases such as Vitess, TiDB, Cockroach and Cloud Spanner and explain their differences, pros and cons.