GOTO Aarhus 2022

Wednesday Jun 15
10:30 –
Anker 2

Serverlesspresso: Building a Scalable, Event-Driven Application


Serverlesspresso is a contactless, serverless order management system for a physical coffee bar. The architecture comprises several serverless apps that support an ordering process from a customer’s smartphone to a real espresso bar. The customer can check the virtual line, place an order, and receive a notification when their drink is ready for pickup. The entire application uses event driven architecture built on top of serverless.

This session is a deep dive into how Serverlesspresso works and how it was built from the ground up. I cover the architectural choices made and the decisions behind the services used. I talk about the development process and share some of the roadblocks and solutions that were discovered during the process.

After this session you will have a deeper understanding of event driven architecture to build your own application, and you'll see how serverless runs scalable production applications at low cost.