Deploy Empathy Customer Interview Masterclass
GOTO Aarhus 2022

Deploy Empathy Customer Interview Masterclass

Tuesday Jun 14
09:00 –
5,450.00 DKK

Understanding the needs of buyers, end users, and your own internal stakeholders is key to having a successful product.

This practical masterclass will teach you conversational tools and skills you can use to get actionable insights into what people need and how to prioritize it. You'll practice several different types of interviews and learn how to apply those skills to situations that aren't quite interviews, like a sales meeting or a customer support situation. People who have never interviewed before will leave this masterclass with the confidence and skills to understand peoples' needs, and people who do have experience talking to customers will deepen their practice and learn new frameworks and techniques to use in their conversations.

The masterclass will be led by Michele Hansen, co-founder of B2B SaaS Geocodio, and author of Deploy Empathy: A Practical Guide to Interviewing Customers.

Michele has sold to businesses and organizations of all sizes—from Fortune 50s to name-brand non-profits to small businesses.

All masterclass participants will received a signed copy of Deploy Empathy.