Write Automated Tests for a Unity Video Game
GOTO Aarhus 2022

Write Automated Tests for a Unity Video Game

Tuesday Jun 14
09:00 –
5,450.00 DKK

This masterclass will give you hands-on experience on the Unity Test Framework (UTF). You will develop automated tests on projects developed with the Unity game engine.

No previous knowledge of Unity is required. Previous experience with unit testing and C# is preferable. This masterclass will use both a real life Unity video game project (open source and available through the Unity Asset Store) and a custom training program. We designed the training so that it can be enjoyable and educational even if you are not a game developer.

We will be introducing the UTF package, and then attendees will develop automated tests using exercises of increasing difficulty. With this set of exercises, you will have the opportunity to cover around 80% of the features of UTF, at your own pace. Solutions will also be made available for the exercises. We will be there to help you while you set up your environment and complete the exercises. If you still have time left after completing the UTF training, we have prepared more advanced exercises using other test frameworks.

The training program will allow you to cover in one day:

  • Unit testing with Unity Test Framework
  • Performance testing with Unity Performance Test Framework
  • Capture and replay with Automated Testing package

Prerequisites: Basic C# skills, laptop with Unity installed (a Personal license, which is free, is enough), basic knowledge of test automation