GOTO Aarhus 2024

Monday May 27
14:45 –

Decouple, simplify or die!

So, you managed to get your Scaled Agile Framework operational. Congratulations! Despite the odds teams are now coordinating their joint efforts towards a shared delivery and working software actually reaches production environments and there is real transparency in terms of what you aimed to do and what actually gets done. Great!

But, despite your apparent success you are left with the feeling that things are still too slow, too heavy and people are not as motivated and passionate as you had hoped. The overhead of keeping teams in synch just seems too much and your great outcome goals seem to be lost somewhere in the feature factory and your competitors seem to be moving faster and launching more competitive products. The problem is that you cannot really connect the dots - all teams, leadership roles, artifacts and events seem to be meaningful and all play their important part.

Chances are you should listen to that gut feeling! Yes, your system is working but your solution space is anchored in the basic assumption that what you are looking at is all there is. In this talk we will take a fresh look at your situation and allow ourselves to look at our innovation game from a different perspective. One that might offer you much simpler solutions to the right problems and insights into how organizations like yours have taken steps towards a better and brighter future. And no, we are not talking about adding another element like AI, OKR, Product discovery, DevOps, DevX or BDD to your existing solution - hoping that one more concept will save the world.