Let's admit it: developers hate Agile Coaches
GOTO Aarhus 2024

Monday May 27
13:45 –

Let's admit it: developers hate Agile Coaches


Join writer of Comic Agilé, Luxshan Ratnaravi, and author of Retrospectives Antipatterns, Aino Vonge Corry, for an entertaining and educational session on why Agile Coaches are so hated among developers. Let’s admit it: developers hate Agile Coaches!

To change that, Aino and Luxshan are on a mission of improving the reputation of Agile Coaches, and in this session, they will share their experiences of facing animosity, ways of overcoming it, ways of definitely not overcoming it, and how this realisation has affected their approach to working with development teams.

Besides this navel-gazing, the duo will answer questions such as “How does the hatred towards Agile Coaches affect the software development industry?, “What can we do to increase our street cred as Agile Coaches”, and “Shouldn’t we just give up and end it all?”.

Expect anecdotes from the trenches, cartoons from Comic Agilé, as well as pointers on how to improve our current situation, all wrapped in Danish sarcasm, witty comments and almost useful advice.