GOTO Aarhus 2023

Wednesday May 24
12:50 –

Hands On Lab: Code Your Own Self-Driving Car!

Grab your lunch as join this 3 hour hands-on workshop.

If you are into machine learning and racing cars, this hands-on lab is for you!

Simon Kæseler from Trifork will give you an intro to the extremely cool Donkey Cars – a small-scale remote-controlled car mounted with a RaspberryPi, a sensor and a camera. You will be guided through how to set up the Donkey Car, how to install pre-recorded data, how to train and tweak machine learning models and deploy them on the car. After this hands-on lab, you will be ready to enter the Donkey Car Race event end of the last conference day where we will meet and compete.

ABOUT DONKEY CAR Donkey is an open-source DIY platform for small scale cars with a high-level self-driving library written in Python. A Donkey Car consists of standalone, independently configurable components that can be combined to make a car. Read more about Donkey Cars:

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE? This event is for Destination Aarhus members only with an interest in the topic. You don’t have to be an expert in machine learning, as we will deal with entry-level machine learning. There are 15 limited spots available - first come, first served