GOTO Aarhus 2023

Tuesday May 23
10:50 –
Lille Sal

Abzu’s AI Engineering Journey: How the QLattice® Went From Freestanding Algorithm to SaaS Discovery Engine

The concept behind a new class of AI had been brewing in Casper’s head for nearly 30 years when he and six curious nerds founded the Danish/Spanish startup Abzu in 2018. The QLattice launched in April 2020 and introduced a new standard of interpretability to artificial intelligence.

Three years later, the QLattice has revealed numerous insights in life science and drug development and is used in the largest pharmaceutical and most ambitious biotech companies in the world. Today, Abzu is building Reason®, a user-friendly discovery platform built on the QLattice discovery engine, to make the QLattice’s accelerated exploration accessible to many more scientists and researchers.

In this presentation, Casper will recount Abzu’s successes – and misses – in its AI engineering journey and demonstrate real-world applications of the pioneering QLattice.