GOTO Aarhus 2023

Thursday May 25
09:00 –

Platform Engineering Advanced

With the cloud native fundamentals in place we can start building a platform for our developers. In this masterclass you will learn what a developer platform is, why we need it and what characteristics a successful platform has. In this masterclass we put the Cloud Native tools together to form a product. We will go through both the theory and exercises of starting your platform journey.

By the end of this masterclass you will have gained a solid understanding of the more advanced topics of platform engineering which you will be able to go back and implement in your company’s organization structure.

Platform engineering

  • What is platform engineering
  • How a platform becomes a product
  • Know your customer
  • Team Topology
  • Continuous integration and delivery
  • How to work with multiple level of abstractions
  • Basic theory of GitOps
  • Pushing GitOps to the limit
  • Learn how to decouple pipelines and releases
  • Getting started with Helm
  • Getting started with Kustomize
  • Getting started with Shuttle
  • How to use Flux to reconcile state


  • Setting up a GitOps repository
  • Abstracting away templating
  • Abstracting away scripts
  • Setting up a default CI/CD pipeline
  • Releasing a service

Prerequisites for participating in this masterclass We expect that participants will either have Docker and Kubernetes installed on their laptop, or have access to one. A good choice would be Docker Desktop.

We also expect that you have either participated in [Platform Engineering Fundamentals] or that you already have a fundamental understanding of Docker and Kubernetes equivalent to the material in Platform Engineering Fundamentals.