GOTO Aarhus 2023

Friday May 26
09:00 –

Platform Engineering Fundamentals

Are you new to the world of containers? Maybe you have scratched the surface of Kubernetes or you simply need to refresh your knowledge? In this Masterclass you will learn the basics of Docker and Kubernetes. We will teach you everything you need in order to containerize your application with Docker and run it in Kubernetes. This masterclass includes hands-on exercises, it’s not just sit and listen.

By the end of this masterclass you will have gained a solid understanding of the basics of Docker and Kubernetes, and you will get a head start of your platform engineering journey.


  • What is Docker and why do we need it?
  • Create dockerfiles and Docker Compose files
  • Running containers with Docker
  • Distribute Docker images using a Docker registry
  • How to keep your dockerfiles small, safe and fast
  • Best practices when working with Docker
  • Exercises in fundamental Docker: Build, ship and run


  • The history behind Kubernetes
  • Learn how Kubernetes is architected
  • Learn how Kubernetes networking works
  • Deploy your first pod into a Kubernetes cluster
  • Scale your pod horizontally using a Replicaset
  • Know why pod disruption budget is important
  • Roll your pods by using a Deployment
  • Learn to define health of running services
  • Learn what Resource requests and limits are and how to use it
  • Configure your application using configmaps and secrets
  • Best practices when working with Kubernetes
  • Troubleshooting with metrics and logs
  • Exercises in fundamental Kubernetes

Prerequisites for participating in this masterclass We expect that participants will either have Docker and Kubernetes installed on their laptop, or have access to one. A good choice would be Docker Desktop