GOTO Aarhus Summit 2023

Wednesday May 24
11:40 –
Aarhus Town Hall

The Threat Landscape for Danish Businesses and Organizations Facing a New Unstable Geopolitical Reality

Denmark is one of the most digital countries in the world, and with the increasing dependence on digital solutions, cyberattacks pose an ever-increasing threat. For Danish businesses and organisations, it is therefore no longer a question of whether they will be hit by a cyberattack, but rather when. The cyberattacks on Demant, Vestas, 7-Eleven and many other large and small companies have attracted much attention in the recent years and shown that everyone can get compromised. With the Russian invasion of Ukraine, tensions between the West and Russia have escalated further and a hybrid war is taking place from Russia aimed at the West. Against this background, there is great concern that the situation could escalate further and lead to cyberattacks on Western companies and critical infrastructure. This presentation provides an overview of the current threat landscape, the different threat actors, the attacks that are taking place and their consequences supported by various cases and examples, concluding with recommendations on what Danish businesses and organisations can do to be prepared should a cyberattack happen.

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