GOTO Aarhus Summit 2023

Wednesday May 24
10:45 –
Aarhus Town Hall

Barriers to Implementing Security in Reality

There is a need to focus on cybersecurity, both among all companies that use digital solutions, but especially among those who develop digital solutions - it is important that we develop quality solutions that can both keep attackers out and meet customers' expectations and the regulations that are coming in the area. The concept of Security by Design is about incorporating cybersecurity into digital solutions from the beginning of the development process.

In his presentation, Gert Læssøe Mikkelsen will draw on the Institute's latest research and collaboration with a number of Danish companies to discuss how we can increase focus on cybersecurity in the development of digital solutions, why it can be a difficult concept to handle, and what barriers Danish companies may face in achieving it. He will also provide practical advice on how to get started.

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