GOTO Aarhus 2022

Thursday Jun 16
15:30 –
Anker 2

Building a Managed Platform - Maintaining a Good Developer Experience


At Netic we have seen a lot of customers starting the journey into the cloud native world completely greenfield. This has advantages and allows for high flexibility seemingly providing a high developer experience. However, we also see customers solving the same problems over and over - choosing components from the vast cloud native landscape increasing the cognitive load due to increased complexity. Furthermore, all these components need to be managed and operated, eating precious time away from development of new features.

At Netic we are building and offer a Kubernetes platform tailored to provide the most common services needed to run a production workload, while preserving flexibility - fully managed and operated. In this talk I will touch upon the reasoning for building such a platform and show, from a developer perspective, how Netic is fusing together components like Flux, Prometheus Operator and custom operators to provide a fully managed and operated platform maintaining a good developer experience.