Lightwhale Loves Your Home Server!
GOTO Aarhus 2022

Wednesday Jun 15
16:10 –
Hobby Room (Trifork Office)

Lightwhale Loves Your Home Server!

Running your own Linux server is fun and a great way to experiment and learn. But as time goes by, obsolete packages and dusty files get in your hair, and you begin spending an increasing amount of time just to keep your machine afloat.

Memories of a clean system begin to haunt you, while perfectly aware that a reinstall will set you back many long evenings, trying to reestablish everything. Either way, it's a waste of your precious spare time and no fun.

Well hello, Lightwhale! The minimalistic Linux server distribution that boots straight into Docker. Lightwhale requires no installation, can't be updated, and is read-only by nature. Still with me? Good, because these quirks present just the traits you're looking for!