GOTO Aarhus 2022

Wednesday Jun 15
16:30 –
Trifork Hall

Panel Discussion with Challenges from the Audience

A Brit, a German, a Swiss and four Danes went into a bar waving their guns, lots of guns(!), at the manager swearing "F!@k questions, give us challenges".

In this last session of the day, all speakers from the agile track plus Klaus Bucka-Lassen, the your track host, get together to be interrogated by the audience. As a participant, you will get the opportunity to ask us on anything related to agility. We will accept any challenge and if you're lucke, we will answer with a story.

Come heckle Agile (and us)!

Drinks will be provided to lighten the mood, lower consciousness, and heighten the quality of the responses.

While we're discussing, Mikkel will perpetuate the final event in the form of a drawing.

Be prepared to be surprised!