GOTO Aarhus 2022

Thursday Jun 16
09:30 –
Anker 1

A Paved Path to Production on Kubernetes


Customers are looking forward to getting a new feature in our application. Developers implemented the feature and pushed the changes to a Git repository. How can we go from code commit to feature available in production on Kubernetes? How can we do that in a safe, secure, and reproducible way?

Following the principles of continuous delivery, I’ll show you how to design a paved path to production that provides a superior experience to developers while giving operators enough flexibility and control. Using Cartographer, we’ll choreograph our way from code commit to production deployment on Kubernetes and build a complete deployment pipeline (CI/CD).

Cartographer will rely on different cloud native technologies to implement the steps in the software supply chain. We’ll monitor Git repositories with Flux, containerize applications with Cloud Native Buildpacks and kpack, run automated tests with Tekton, scan codebases and images with Grype, configure workloads with Carvel, and deploy them with Knative.

The presentation focuses on open-source technologies and includes a hands-on demo that you can run in your Kubernetes environments and use as a foundation for your real-world supply chains.