GOTO Aarhus 2022

Thursday Jun 16
10:50 –
Anker 2

Organisation as a Platform


Organisations change all the time, but are they really making the fundamental change needed? Or is it more of old wine in new bottles?

I think organisations today are having to make a bold change. We have seen it in the past.

Throughout history, humanity has faced periods of chronic change. To meet these challenges, we worked together in an organised way. As a result, organisations have evolved into different shapes.

Today we are facing another period of great challenge, what shape will organisations take next? I want to propose a shift in the paradigm, a real pragmatic change to the way we see organisations.

Imagine an organisation shaped in a way where every person can truly be who they are and lead from a place of personal power and purpose. Imagine an organisation where employees and customers align around the needs of the world.

Is this too much to ask? And if not, how can it be done?

With people at the centre, the shape of organisations have the potential to evolve into platforms: platforms for positive change, for growth, for good in the world.

In this session, Anna will present a new way of looking at the evolving role organisations play in our world. She will share her vision of the future of organisations as platforms, evidence where this change is already happening, and define the characteristics of this new era of organisation.

Let’s start a conversation on how this next stage of evolution is a win-win-win for us all.