GOTO Aarhus 2022

Thursday Jun 16
12:50 –
Trifork Hall

Rediscovering Humanity in Tech

The last decade has seen massive changes in the way humans communicate. Between the popularity of social media and the isolation of the pandemic, we are losing the art of civil debate and gracious discourse. But all is not lost! In this session, I take a light-hearted approach to the serious topic of rediscovering humanity in tech. I take you on a journey that:

  • Challenges today’s common discourse that holds little regard for nuance and the toll it is taking on the technical community.
  • Explore three-dimensional interactions where two-dimensional exchanges have become the norm.
  • And leave you with these key take-aways: o We all have value and want to be recognized for that value o Kindness does not require compromise o Real conversations are best served warm

By the end of this session, you will have laughed, possibly cried, but hopefully understood the grace we extend and the mercy we receive as fellow humans in tech.