Crew information

On this page, you will find all the information you need to know before joining GOTO Aarhus 2022 as Crew! If you have any questions at all regarding the conference and being Crew don't hesitate to contact Tereza at

Crew info meeting

Tuesday June 14, 18:00

At the meeting, you will get additional information about the tasks you will have to do at the conference and a tour around the venue - it will all be great fun!

GOTO will provide food and drinks during the meeting.

Description of the different Crew tasks

The conference takes place at Aarhus Habor on two different locations; Trifork Office and Restaurant Anker. The main Crew tasks for GOTO Aarhus 2022 are Registration, Catering Crew, Location Crew and Flying Crew. You can sign up and wish for tasks by clicking here.

Registration Crew

The conference kicks off Wednesday (June 15) morning at 8.00, where the registration opens. At the registration, Crew will help with:

  • Welcoming attendees
  • Checking ID
  • Printing conference badges

Flying Crew and Catering Crew will be responsible for the registration.

Catering Crew

As Catering Crew you will help our "Kitchen"-mom with

  • Help serving the food
  • Filling up with water and sodas

Location Crew

As Location Crew you will be assigned to one of our two locations for a full day. Location Crew will assist with the following tasks:

  • Refreshing the room after each session
  • Guiding attendees around the location
  • Showing direction to other locations
  • Assisting the room host if needed
  • Ad. hoc. tasks

Flying Crew

Flying Crew has no specific tasks for their shift, but will help with anything when needed. As Flying Crew you will have to:

  • Be easily available on WhatsApp and ready to step in
  • Help with registrations Wednesday and Thursday mornings
  • Help Catering Crew with serving lunch both days

Crew working schedule

You will all receive the Crew schedule no later than Friday, June 3 end of day.

Crew check-in

Each day, it is important that you check in with the crew manager 5 minutes before your shift starts. You can find them at the registration counter. If they are not there, write on WhatsApp when you have arrived.

More information TBA

Crew t-shirts

As GOTO Crew you must wear a Crew t-shirt each day you are working during the two conference days. You will receive the t-shirt during the info meeting on Tuesday June 14.

Facts, rules & ethics

It is important for us to make a successful conference, therefore having everything in mind from planning the program, from small details like sugar for the coffee to cleaning tables and having the sanitizers filled up.

During the conference week, you play a very important role in our outward appearance. In fact, you will most likely be the primary contact between attendees and the conference team. Therefore, we would very much like our Crew to be committed, smiling and happy during the conference. This means being open to any questions, worries and needs the attendees might have. If you do not know the answers to the questions, just show them the way to the Info Desk or contact the crew manager by phone or on Slack. Always better asking for help rather than saying something wrong.

Please also look through our Code of Conduct. We ask you to keep this policy in mind, and if you witness anything that violates this, please contact the crew manager or another GOTO team member.