GOTO Aarhus 2022

Monday Jun 13
09:00 –

Continuous Delivery on Kubernetes

Continuous delivery is an engineering practice to deliver high-quality software in a safe, quick, and reproducible way. The main pattern for embracing continuous delivery is the deployment pipeline. This hands-on masterclass explores how to design and implement CI/CD pipelines and secure your software supply chain in a Kubernetes-native way, relying exclusively on open-source technologies and following the GitOps approach.

Using Cartographer, we’ll choreograph our way from code commit to production deployment on Kubernetes. Cartographer will rely on different cloud native technologies to implement the steps in the pipeline. We’ll monitor Git repositories with FluxCD, containerize applications with Cloud Native Buildpacks and kpack, run automated tests with Tekton, scan codebases and images with Grype, configure workloads with Carvel, and deploy them with Knative.

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